Structural inspections

The Structure

The structure is the backbone of the house, the foundation the walls the roof framing.  The structure is like the skeleton of the home. The foundation of the structure sets the overall posture of the house. Strong, flat and unyielding to the elements. A good foundation will determine how everything that comes after it will stand. If an entire structure appears bowed or twisted in appearance it usually points to an issue with the foundation. If a section of the roof sags or ceiling sags or appears out of square it could be a framing issue. Framing sized to small, overloaded or cut in the wrong place by a tradesman can cause many issues.

Common structure defects

Framing Flaws
Joist Cracking
Excess Joist Notches/Cut
Excess Joist Span
Excess Stairwell Floor Movement
Beam Cracking
Excess Beam Notches
Rot Severe
Fire Damage
Excess Concrete Floor Cracks
Wood/Soil Contact
Damaged / Rotted Sub flooring