Roof inspections

Roof general information

The roof is one of the most expensive and misunderstood components of the home. Often ignored until it fails it does require maintenance and upkeep to function properly for many years. Initial installation is extremely important to ensure maximum service life of the roof


Most people don't realize it, but shingles are slightly thicker than a couple of credit cards and are expected to last many years with no maintenance. Shingles should be inspected after all bad weather and also from the attic side to see if there are any long-term leaks occurring. Improper installation is one of the most common causes of shingle failures.

Improperly installed and loose shingles

Roof ventilation

Your roof must be adequately ventilated to ensure you will get the maximum service life from your roof system. Roof ventilation is often undersized and neglected and is often one of the most common causes for premature failure of most roof systems

Obstructed roof exhaust vent


Valleys are often the entry point for most pests such as squirrels and raccoons. Damaged shingles at valleys will often cause water to saturate soffit material and cause permanent wood damage.

Gutter systems

The gutter system is often misunderstood as to its purpose. The purpose of the gutter system is to redirect water flowing off the roof away from the foundation to prevent water saturation of the soil keeping the foundation stable.

Nonfunctional gutter system