Heating System Inspections

Heating systems

All habitable structures must have heating systems. They can come in many forms they can be old they can be new. They can be centralized or unitary units. As long as I heat the space and are safe they can be acceptable.  The heating system distributes heated air throughout the interior the habitable interior of the home using gas or electricity as a fuel source, they can use water or they can use refrigerant as a medium to move heat in and out of the system. A heating system may be localized such as a wall heater or centralized with duct work. Heating systems should have automatic controls to operate.

Common heating system defects

   Inadequate Combustion Air
Burner damaged
Burner flame incorrect
Burner Rust
Flame roll out
Pilot not stay lit
Back Drafting
Flue Connections
Vent Material Inappropriate
Flue Sloped downward
Flue Clearance needed
Induced Draft Fan cracked
Low or no air flow at register
Ducts leaking
Air Filter no tightly fitted
Condensate Line Dirty
Condensate Pump Inoperative
Fan Limit Adjustment incorrect
Fan Limit Inoperative   

Improperly vented furnace