Exterior Inspections


The exterior is the outer skin of the structure. It protects the structure from being damaged by the environment. It can be brick, wood, stucco, siding, etc.  Discovering problems with the exterior early can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage to the structure.

Exterior Cladding system protects structure

Window defects

Window defects such as; wood rot, broken glass, broken locks, stuck windows, broken thermal seals, etc. a very common and can be very expensive to repair.

Rotted window components

Brick defects

Brick defects such as vertical or horizontal cracks and separations can often be an outward sign of settling or possibly foundation issues which have gone unnoticed.

Exterior siding or cladding defects

Deteriorated siding or cladding can allow water intrusion into the walls and damage major structural components such as vertical studs or horizontal joists.

Deteriorated siding or cladding